Do you ever have that feeling after visiting a place, that you crave for more and the second you have a chance, you’d go there again? A place you feel so comfortable with that you desire with your entire fibre to return? Well, I definitely do! My name is Michael and I am studying information security management in the Netherlands. In 2011 I was presented with an opportunity to participate in an internship in China. Five minutes later I signed up and went into the deep with both legs stretched.

Over time I’ve had a lot of great experiences and a few lesser ones that affected how I experienced my time there. Now, I am preparing for another internship abroad and I figured it’s time to start a proper blog about my adventures, experiences and mishaps!

I hope to blog a lot of things related to Taiwan, such as local entertainment, food and general day to day things. Aside of that I’d like to establish insight in cultural differences that I experience. So if you have any ideas, questions or suggestions feel free to leave them in the comments or send me an e-mail at info@giant-in-asia.com